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Car accidents are one of the most common and frequent causes of injury in the United States; on the busy streets of Orange County, car accidents occur on a daily basis. The injuries sustained from a car accident can have horrible consequences, such as: pain and suffering, loss of work and income, and huge medical bills. In addition, you will have insurance companies calling non-stop after a car accident. Let the Law Offices of Rolf J. Rolnicki, a car accident specialist, help you to fully understand your rights.

Full tort or limited tort? Underinsured motorist coverage? Uninsured motorist coverage? Who will pay for my medical bills? Who will pay for my car to be fixed? These are all questions we answer on a daily basis. We will investigate your accident, speak to the insurance companies on your behalf, and help sort out your medical bills and treatment options – allowing you to place your focus where it needs to be... on your health.

Understand & Protect your Rights

After a car accident, you will experience a non-stop barrage of calls from all of the insurance companies involved. Our suggestion is to not speak with them until you have spoken with an attorney first. An insurance company, whether your own or otherwise, is always going to do what is in the company's best interest. These insurance companies understand that after a car accident, people can be easily taken advantage of because of the overwhelming nature of the situation.

10 Tips for After a Car Accident

What should you do after a car accident? These practical tips will help guide you through the steps to take immediately after the accident, to the completion of your insurance claim.
1. Safety first. Make sure no one is injured. Call 911 to report any injuries. If it is a minor accident with no injuries, move the vehicles to the side of the road. With serious injuries or major damage, do not move the vehicles, even if you can, until the police arrive. If there is a question of liability (who caused the accident), leave the vehicles in place to help the police determine what happened. Only get out of the vehicles if you can stay clear of all traffic and are not injured. Otherwise, stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt buckled, put on your hazard lights and turn off your engine.

2. Call the police. Don't ever allow anyone at the scene to convince you otherwise. Get the police report number and name of the reporting Officer. In some locations, the police may not respond unless it is a serious accident with injuries or severe property damage. If they do not respond, file an accident report at the local police station as soon as possible.

3. Exchange information. Get each Driver's name, phone number, address, insurance company, policy number, driver's license number and license plate number. Write down the description of the vehicle, including the year, make, model, color and visible damage.

4. Locate witnesses. Get the name and contact information (telephone number and address) of anyone who witnessed the accident. Do this as quickly as possible, while people are stopped to see what happened. Ask them to stay to give a statement to the Police Officer. If they are in a rush, make sure to get their contact information.

5. Take photographs. Take photographs of the damage to each vehicle. Try to include each vehicle's license plate number in the photos. If possible, try to get photographs of the other drivers. It may also be helpful to your insurance company, attorneys, and others if you take pictures of the surrounding area, such as the streets and their layouts.

6. Don't discuss fault. Do not ever admit fault, to any driver, or the police. Explain what happened to the officer. Let the officer, insurance companies, and attorneys determine who caused the accident.

7. Make a personal record. As soon as possible, put all the information you received at the scene of the accident into a comprehensive, written record. Write down everything you remember, from the weather, road conditions, how the accident happened, and a diagram. This will help you file a claim with your insurance company. It will also be helpful to an attorney, if you choose to hire one.

8. File a claim. Call your insurance company as soon as possible and open a new claim. Know your insurance policy coverage ahead of time. This prevents worrying about things such as towing at the scene of the accident.

9. Contact the DMV. The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to report all accidents if: (a) there is more than $750 in property damage; (b) anyone was injured, no matter how minor; or (c) anyone was killed. This is known as the “Traffic Accident Report SR 1”. Each driver must file this report, regardless of whether or not you caused the accident. It must be filed even if the accident occurred on private property. For more information visit the DMV website.

10. Protect your legal rights. Contact the Law Office of Rolf J. Rolnicki immediately, especially with accidents involving injuries. The insurance companies will be determining liability, so they will be contacting you for recorded statements, your authorization to receive medical information from your doctors, and so on. You may also be concerned with how you are going to pay for medical treatment, and what to do with your damaged vehicle and work you have missed. An experienced attorney can help you with this process while protecting your rights. Always remember that all insurance companies have their own attorneys, looking out for their interests. It's important that you have an advocate on your side.


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